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Asset Location & Service Locating

Underground Asset Locating Services in Canberra

Before commencing work on any construction site, it’s essential to understand where all underground assets are. This is the job for asset location contractors! Any time that a builder or even a homeowner requires digging into the ground, they bear the risk of hitting utility services underneath. Not only can this be expensive if the lines are accidentally cut or broken, but it can also be highly dangerous. Gas lines could flare up, and electrical power lines can cause fires or even electrocution. Asset location for underground utilities should be carried out by an experienced and qualified team like us at Synergetic Services.

  • Service locations for civic and commercial jobsites
  • Underground asset location
  • Duct proving and site marking
  • Location of electrical, water and other utility services

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Locating Underground Assets On-site

To determine the location and condition of any existing underground assets for a safe excavation plan, we will assess all potential underground utilities. We will locate underground assets such as power, gas, water, telco or sewer connection and map it appropriately. Any underground cables, pipes, and tanks are then evaluated to ensure the safety of the site for the following building works.

How We Work?

Our locating service team visits the site before digging commences to assess and discover the exact placement and depth of all utilities onsite. Following safety procedures and abiding by asset location policies, we will systematically locate all relevant utility services on the property or job site. With this data, employees can cautiously and confidently carry out further construction jobs. Using modern technology and industry standard processes, our team at Synergetic Services can then offer a range of construction services based on utility location services depending on the plot and depth of utility lines.

  • Insured and licensed
  • Dial-Before-You-Dig (DBYD) Accredited
  • Potholing Available

Choose Synergetic Services

Synergetic services provide a wide range of advanced asset location services for various purposes all across Canberra and Queanbeyan. With over 10+ years of experience in the field, we are strongly connected with our clients of various scales to deliver reliable, cost-effective and personalised asset location services ensuring the outcomes meet our high standards to their needs and desires.

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