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Trenching Services Contractor in Canberra

An essential service in the construction industry, trenching is a kind of excavation technique that involves digging a trench into the ground after removing all the unwanted dirt, rocks and other organic matter on a jobsite. The trench is usually dug for inspection, installation or maintenance of cables, conduits or pipe sets. Once installation or maintenance is complete, the trench will be filled back restoring the grounds back to their original form. Trenching presents an effective alternative to conventional methods of installation of mains, conduits and cables with maximising output with minimal interruption.

Our Trenching Services include:

  • Hard rock trenching
  • Trench bedding
  • Pipeline trenching
  • Water and sewerage trenching
  • Utility trenching
  • Straight, benched, and sloped trenches
  • Bell-bottom pier-hole trenches

How We Work?

Trenching process is used for a variety of installation, maintenance and replacement processes in areas including drainage, sewer, water lines, telco and gas. Trenching has its risks, By approaching all jobs aiming to reduce hazardous conditions that could cause slips or falls and other occupational health and safety accidents, our Synergetic Services team takes extreme care when it comes to providing high quality trenching services. Our insured and accredited team ensures that our employees follow the most efficient and practical systems for their safety in any trenching job.

Choose Synergetic Services

We follow procedures to ensure that we are always operating our machines in a safe working environment while delivering quality results. Our expert trenching and excavation team at Synergetic Services can help you plan and deliver the right kind of trench that suits your construction project site.

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